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DEVKO Plasma Tables

Handtorch Drive Plate Printer


Attention to Detail

Quality Plasma Tables built by the small shop user for the small shop user. Table fits 48"x48" steel or aluminum with room to spare.  Everything you need to drive your hand plasma torch effectively and efficiently. Unique features such as the Manually Adjusted Z Axis with combination Floating Torch, Stainless Water Tray, and Hand torch quick coupler, makes for a user friendly CNC table with simplicity in mind

Hand Torch Adaptability

Simply install your current plasma hand torch into the adjustable mount, a sealed connector provided will plug into your plasma to fire it via the computer

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Synchronous Belt Drive

Smooth, fast, & maintenance free movement with V-Slot and V wheels


Quick Torch Coupler

Quickly and easily install and remove the hand torch so you can still use the plasma as the hand operated machine.  The quick connection is adjustable to allow multiple size torch heads

Water Tray

The most cost Effective way to eliminate harmful smoke caused by plasma cutting is to absorb it using water.  The 18Ga stainless water tray is optional at $500 with easily removable slats, or standard are the crossmember slat holders

Water Tray Drain

If draining the water tray is required simply connect a garden hose to drain water away from the table


Sealed Connection to Plasma

Instructions and connection kit provided to connect Hypertherm 45XP plasma. Easily connect and disconnect and no modifications to the hand torch are necessary, the machine is unaltered to perform just as it did off the table as it does on it


Manually Adjusted Z-Axis & Floating head

To simplify the Z-Axis, no automatic torch height control is required with the equipped Floating Torch Head.  Manually rotate the Knob to lower the torch to the top of the sheet and raise to the desired height to achieve best cut performance or let the torch head drag which is recommended on most hand torch operated plasma's


Computer Stand

Rigid & Secure this stand has ability to mount to any corner of the table, the potentially vulnerable electronics are attached to the stand.  Dimensions are 12 x 24 in space for a computer and mouse



The modular design allows you to purchase a table in 2 to 4 foot increments in length or width, the 4x8 gives a true cut area of 49"x104", please inquire about custom table sizing


4x8 Exceed Cutting Expectations



Same Reliable Design

Uses the same V-Slot as the current 4x4


Modular by Design

Transform a 4x4 into a 4x8 with the Devko Conversion kit


Belt Retainers

Synchronous belt works seamlessly with both the 4x4 & 4x8


Clear Sheet Metal Loading

Fully Open the 4x8 Table Area to load sheets without colliding with the torch head


4x8 Operation


Software Operation


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